Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello, World!

This is partially a test of how the posting mechanism for Blogger works and partially a bit of introduction.

So what's up with the title, "Marti, not Martha"?  Well a few things.
First, my legal name is Martha, but I am Marti.  I tried using my full name once in school and I realized I just don't feel like a Martha.
Secondly, yes, I admit to a little jab at a rather famous Martha, and I am certainly not her. I like crafty things, but I am certainly not perfect. And I don't have near the time to do a tithe of the crafty things I'd like to do!

You will see a cast of recurring characters in my life.  The main players are: Son, Hubby, Dad, Mom and AuntE (my sister). The secondary characters are my in-laws (mother, 4 brothers - 2 of which Hubby's brothers the other 2 are married to ->, 2 sisters, a niece and 2 nephews), AuntS (Dad's sister).  Beyond these are a handfull of cousins, various friends and co-workers. Other characters will wander in and out, I'm sure.


  1. You're just that other Martha's evil twin! (I claim that distinction, too.)

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Welcome to blogging, Marti. That's a great name and all the better since you chose it yourself. (I know your Mum through Geneabloggers. I'd love it if my dear daughter blogged, I think, depending on what she said about me.)

  3. Thanks! Although, since I've been doing LiveJournal for a few years I'm not really "new" to blogging - I just decided to get my own space.

    And I just have to be careful what I say. ;)

  4. I am also a legal "Martha" Who chooses to be called Marti. My friends all call me, Marti, but I could never get my family to. I was just playing on my phone typed in Marti and this came up, cool...


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